Arcordia Xmas Party - 1 December 2000

Here are the pictures that I took at the Arcordia Xmas Party.  It was pretty wild.  Here's the proof.  Apologies to all those who I forced into the camera's glare and asked to do stupid things.


At the Office

Some places have business casual at work, we have a formal dress code.


At the Party

Anna, Carol and the Official Photographer (as taken by the drunken unofficial photographer)


Carol and Cathie doing the foxtrot


Ruth and .....?


Zombie Zaynep and Susan.  


Clive showing Charlotte his board riding moves from when he was a surf bum.


Clive threatening Simon with violence if the budget spreadsheet is not updated by Friday.


Julia and .....  Nice tonsils. idea who these people are.....and Simon idea who this is.


Mystery gift if anyone can guess who this is.


A word from our sponsors.


Simon, handbag and ....


Gary looking suave


Rupert looking like he has just won a million pounds or finally got his MIS spreadsheets working.  Note unofficial photographers finger on the lens to create this outstanding photographic effect.




The Pipster


Surge.  I think the answer is 'No' to whether my project will pass it's QA Healthcheck.


Diane looking to heaven.


Khamla and Jen


Carol and Anna


Ross.  I'm lost for words as for a caption to this picture.  Suggestions anyone?


Simon and Gary (again...looking suave...and slightly demonic with the red eye effect)


Matt getting down and showing off his dance moves


Mary-anne, Annie and .....


Martin, Employee of the Month, and Claire


errr....guy in the kilt could be Iain.


Gary (yet again looking suave and demonic). idea who they are but they all look familiar.


Finally managed to get Kate to pose for a photo and look happy about it.  She hates photos.  To the left are Khamla and Mark.


The handsome boys of XDG/GCT, Jay and Julian.


Andy and Simon. "Get away from me, Man!"


I'm lost for words to describe this shot.


Mark and Steve singing Xmas carols.  The 12 man-days of Xmas perhaps. ..."On the 4th man day of Xmas, Glasgow delivered to me....[slowly].....FOUR XML TEMPLATES...[big breath]...three Typhon recs, two java thingies and HTML page in a code release... ".  Sorry, poor attempt at techie type lyrics on my part. 


Mark, Phil and Simon.  It's funny but I've never met so many Simons in one workplace.  There's about 10-12 in a company of 300 people.  I have even hired three Simons while I have been working here.  I guess it works for me.  The contracting group now only send me resumes for people with first name of Simon.


Fida and Kathy.  Does anyone think that Fida looks just a little like a younger version of Rafic? 


....., Andy and .....


Rupert and .... drinking together.


Surgit, Simon and David.


We are the champions!!


Does this man ever look bad in a photograph?  Hemanshu, proponent of the night club casual look at Arcordia.


Khamla and Mark


Kate just about to cover her face with her hands in order to hide from the camera


"Don't take my picture, hey?" says Tamy


errr....Rachel telling me politely to errr...take my camera elsewhere.  David looks on with interest.