Weekend in the Cotswolds


Here are the few pictures I took for my weekend in the Cotswolds.  For some reason, I really wasn't inspired by all the quaint old houses, churches, pubs and mills to take photos.  


On the other hand, the weekend away did coincide with Guy Fawkes weekend so I was able to capture some wonderful images of the bonfire at the Cotswolds village of Neale.



Bonfire Picture #1


Bonfire Picture #2 - Ghostly Evil Figure


Bonfire Picture #3 - Close-up of Ghostly Evil Figure



Bonfire Picture #4 - ...which just happens to be Katrina.  Previous pictures were taken with the flash off so only Katrina's silhouette would show.  By the way, it was bloody cold outside despite the fire. 



Bonfire Picture #5


Bonfire Picture #6


Bonfire Picture #7



A Castle

Strange castle like tower in the Cotswolds.  They wanted to charge us 10 to go and have a look at it.  We declined.


And finally....

Katrina looking shy about having her photo taken.  I wonder why.