Weekend in Milan


Here are photos I took while visiting Milan in Early October.  I was fascinated as always by the streets and alley ways so you'll get to see a fair few pictures of them.  The other thing you'll notice was that it's pretty wet.  In fact, it was torrential nearly the whole weekend.  Enjoy


The Duomo in the Piazza del Duomo.  The Duomo is the world's fourth largest church and was built in the gothic style in the late 14th Century.



The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II on the left side of the Piazza del Duomo.  The whole building is shaped like a cross very spectacular inside.  Leads through to the Piazza della Scala and a monument dedicated to Leonardo Di Vinci.  


Glass ceiling in the centre of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.


Fashion District.  Possibly Via Monte Napleone.  Shops around this area were amazing.  All the top names were there.  I was dressed completely inappropriately for shopping - basically looking like a backpacker despite the gold cards in the wallet.  If you are not dressed the part, they really look down on you.  


Fashion District.  Very pretty area but a really bad day for shopping.  The rain destroyed my paper based shopping bags.  Still a nice street scene though.


Same street as above but from different direction


Street leading up to Stazione Centrale


Streets are all cobble stoned.  Quite amazing to see if you are not use to it.  


The impressive Stazione Centrale - a classic building of the Fascist era.  Built during Mussolini's reign and typical of the grand style of the guy.


Inside Stazione Centrale. Looks like a zeppelin hanger.


Murals adorn the inside of the Stazione Centrale as well as grand decorations of eagles and other delusions of Fascist grandeur.  This is the ticket office.


Streets of Milan.


A palazzo on Corso Buenos Aires


Piazza del Duomo


Back streets of Milan


The Duomo at night.  The weather was absolutely miserable.  I have never been so depressed doing sight seeing as I was in Milan.  Great city but a shit weekend to visit it.


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II at night.


Back street of Milan.  I love the look of the wet streets. Well, I had to keep myself enthused somehow despite the shitty weather.


Castello Sforzesco - a 15th century fortress.  Some of it's defences were designed by Leonardo Di Vinci. Today, it's a museum housing sculptures, paintings and various other things historical.


Castello Sforzesco - main entrance.  Design reminds me of the entrance to Auschwitz for some strange reason.


Castello Sforzesco - fountain out the fron of the main entrance

Courtyard in Castello Sforzesco.

Castello Sforzesco courtyard.


Castello Sforzesco defensive tower.