Here are the photos of my second trip to Riga for Kaivi's Birthday party.


The party was held in 3 adjoining suites of the Radisson SAS hotel in Riga are the pictures!


Nadia, Kaivi, Julia, Daniel and the Mysterious Woman in Red.  Actually, she's not that mysterious, her name is Laila.


Nadia looking cool and sophisticated


Julia ruining it all


Andre looking like the Big Boss Man.  Don't come near me with that camera white boy!

Julia posing for the camera.  Nice see through top.


One more pose.  This girl is just way to shy.  Not!


Mysterious Woman In Red, Simon (handsome aren't I) and Svetlana.  Svetlana clearly is not feeling like having her picture taken. Too late.


Svetlana saying 'I can't believe he is taking my picture! Get away from me man!'.  Actually I had no idea what she was saying.  My command of the Russian language is restricted to 'hello', 'thankyou' and 'fruit' (don't ask).


Kaivi on the other hand has no problems with being on camera.


Latvian Dude, Latvian Dudette, Simon and Julia.


Simon and Latvian Blond Girl


Ingars giving a sign.  No idea what it means.


Undo (?) and Julia.  Undo was the philosopher on the trip with his nose in several very intellectual books.  Impressed the hell out of me.


Latvian Blond Girl and Ingars caught in the camera glare.  Love that cheesy grin.


Cool moves from the Latvian Dude


Kenny telling Kaivi what he would like to do to him that night when everyone leaves the hotel room and the lights go out.  Simon catches the moment.

Daniel and Simon sitting back sipping John Walker on the rocks.


Julia demonstrating the Latvian/Russian police method for restraining suspects.  I still have no recollection of how I ended up on the floor with a beautiful blond woman on top of me.


Other shots....

Daniel and 'special' friend Kristina.  Kristina doesn't speak english so communication was via sign language and other means.


Daniel and Anna.  What a lovely couple. 


Henry at Stanstead Airport looking wasted.  The man got barely 4-5 hours sleep the whole weekend. It took him two vodkas just to get of the hotel to catch the flight back to London.