Xmas Party At My Place - Sat 2 Dec 2000


Here are the photos from the Xmas party that Melissa and I held at my place in Chalk Farm. It was a fun evening, eating, drinking, talking and carrying on.


Simon, Michaela, Jo and Jackie.


Melissa with her mouth full.  Of what I don't know...


Jason and with mystery girl (sorry, can't remember your name). Don't they look beautiful together?


'The Idiots' - Simon and Jeremy.


Just as an aside, apparently Melissa (below) has got an outrageous crush on my cousin Jeremy.  She hides it well.  Having seen the dynamics between the two, I'm definitely convinced it's only a matter of time before she succumbs to his obvious charms.  Having said that, at the time of writing (1.15am), it escapes me as to what those charms might be...


Simon providing Katrina and Melissa with extra 'support'.  


Sonya spacing out.


Daniel, Jo, Steve, Katrina, Melissa and Jackie.


Andrew as per normal - drink in hand and leaning against a wall for vertical support.  He was later to be seen holding onto the carpet to stop the floor moving.


Jackie, Sonya and Jo looking all smiles.  


Michaela and Mark.  Mark looking very serious. 


Melissa and Jason


Melissa looking very wasted.  Katrina trying to stop me taking a picture.


Daniel imitating a Xmas tree ... lots of decorations and blinking lights..err...eyes.  Actually, I think he's just wasted.


Move over Scary Spice, it's Scary Vic.


Jo and Jackie.  Jackie showing off the reason that Chris married her.


"My breasts, my breasts! I've lost my breasts!'.  Jackie looking distressed.


Chris and Michaela doing lolli-pops.


Jason in a holding pattern with mystery girl.  Look carefully at the bottom left of the photo.....he's so excited by it all that he's losing his drink. 


But mystery girl is not the only person Jason has his eye on.  Whoa, slow down Casanova!


Tamy and Melissa looking sweet.


"Simon, can you get me another drink? This will be empty in about 10 seconds."  

Melissa trying to get over the fact that she has an outrageous crush on my cousin Jeremy.


Katrina caught in the camera flash on one of her three or four 30 second excursions out of the bedroom into the living room and back.  Earlier, she went to lie down because she felt tired and drunk.


One of the classic couples - Simon and Tamy.  God, I look like one sexy bitch!


Mark, Simon, Andrew and Peter.  Mark shows off his new technique for picking up girls.


Victoria and Melissa.


Simon, Josh, Steve and Daniel.  No idea what Simon and Josh are talking about.  Body language from Josh shows that he doesn't know either.  No idea what Daniel is reading.  I didn't know he could read.  Maybe he's looking at the pictures.


Jason in another holding pattern with mystery girl again.  Jason says "mmmm....girl...mmmm...gazongas...mmmm....."


Katrina and Simon


Simon and Victoria in extreme close-up!!!!!!!


"Peter, keep him away from me."  Christine takes Peter hostage to keep either myself or more likely my cousin Jeremy away from her.


Katrina looking serene.  Simon looking obscene.


Artwork on the windows the next day....


The house was a bit messy and took a little while to get ship shape.


The street where I live in Chalk Farm. 


Katrina in the street where I live.