The Lion King, The Seven Year Itch, School Disco and Puppetry Of The Penis

September and October involved a few cultural events which were a lot of fun. Read on...


The Lion King

I've seen the movie which I thought was great but the West End production of the Lion King was even better.  The scenery and costumes were all spectacular. The costumes in particular were amazing as they were stylised and you could still see the actors wearing (and operating) them.  The opening scenes were huge with giraffes, lions, antelope, birds and even a giant elephant. I was completely blown away despite coming into the shoe a little fearful that the whole thing would be really tacky.  


I even choked a bit near the end when Simba became King after defeating his evil uncle Scar. Sigh!  Well worth the effort of going.  I would recommend the show to anyone.


The Seven Year Itch

This is a stage production of the original Marilyn Monroe classic.  Again, I was very impressed although surprised to see the focus was not on the voluptuous and very Marilyn Monroe-ish girl upstairs played by Daryl Hannah.  


Instead it was on the guy who is going through a mid life crisis and tempted terribly by a new girl that has moved upstairs while his wife is away on holidays with the kids.  I enjoyed it immensely.


School Disco

This was a fun night.  Basically, it's a disco held at a local school.  You have to dress up in school uniform.  Started off at Mandy's place for a few drinks first.  Melissa was there.  Also got to meet Mandy's brother Murray and Mandy's flatmates, Katrina and mmmm...can't remember her name now.  All the girls were dressed up like Britney Spears.  Have to say, I'm partial to the girls when they are wearing school uniform.


After a few drinks, we headed off to Vauxhill Grammar School and partied our butts off.  The music was rock which made a great change from all the brit pop we are subjected to over hear.  Had to say, that I played quite a bit of good hard air guitar.  Even played air guitar using some particular leggy swedish blond girl's leg.  Hubba hubba hubba.  Speaking of which, I also got Katrina's number.  


All in all - a good night.


Puppetry of the Penis

This is a show that has to be seen to be believed.  I seriously can't imagine it appearing on any corporate sponsorship list.  Basically, the show (run as a 'workshop') revolves around two Australian guys doing all sorts of 'installations' (or dick tricks) with their genitalia. As you might expect - there were a lot of girls there (most of them from Essex buy all appearances) as well as a fair number of gay guys.  Strangely, no one owned up to being a lesbian when the compare was warming up the crowd.


Over the next hour and a half we were treated to two Aussie guys manipulating their dicks and testicles to perform such gentalic gymnastic tricks such as the 'hamburger', wind surfer (stretched scrotum), Australian coat of arms, baby bird, mollusc and many others.  I was truly amazed at the things these guys were coming up with.  Apparently, flexibility and 'stretch factor' are the key to performing these tricks.  Definitely the product of a bored childhood.  Still, it was a big laugh and it was good to hear the Australian sense of humour again. 


The finale of the show was one of the guys standing on a skateboard perfoming the 'windsurfer installation' and being propelled off the stage using a fan. 


And yes...I did try a few of them out later in the privacy of my own bedroom and to the shock/horror/disgust of my current bed partner.




11 December 2000 Update:  Just discovered that you can buy a book on Puppetry of the Penis at