Afrocordia - The Arcordia Xmas Party

Dec 2001


Due to cutbacks at the billion dollar house of JP Morgan, Xmas was officially cancelled.  This caused some confusion among staff until the company clarified that only JP Morgan funded Xmas parties were cancelled - not Xmas itself.  End result?  The staff had to do pay for the Xmas party themselves. 


Can't remember where this party was at (somewhere in London) but it was a laugh.  Here are the pictures.  Don't ask me why I took my Afroman wig along and made everyone wear it - I have no idea  myself.


Cool Sophistication Personified 

Simon 'Afroman' Connell



Table Antics

Andy and David finally expressing the passion they have for each other.


Karolina going afro.




"Give us a kiss, Maxine!"


Ross letting one rip.


Maxine going afro.


David telling us how it is.


Brad charming the ladies as usual...and it's really working too.






David's girl.


The Pipster.


Deborah loving the attentions of the Afroman.


Annie "What the f*** have you got on your head?"


Afroman and David spreading the love.


Mr Palomar oozing Spanish charm.


Two Hot Blonds (and not shy about it either)









Cool, Calm and Collected - Posh Geordie!



"What do you mean the Easter Bunny's not real?"


Heidi "Will the Easter Bunny be real again if I wear this wonderous fashion accessory on my head?"


Simon "errr...sure."


Posh Geordie turning up the afro heat. 



Mr Blues Brother

Simon "Blues Brother" Creeger



Benito Mussolini Look-A-Like With Afro





Elvis (In An Afro) Look-A-Likes

Marcus (and groupie)


"Yeah baby!!!"




Jay (and spaced out groupie - check out eye)




Going Afro

Ross going afro.


The girls love an afroman.


But one of them doesn't like where he's just put his hands.


Werner goes afro.


Mike goes afro.


Dave goes afro.  Girlfriend/wife very proud.


Rachel with her man. 


Rachel says "Check out my bitch!!!"


David goes afro with Surj.


Anthony goes afro.


Abby goes afro.


No idea who this is.


"Talking to the hand, because the face is not listening...and I'm not wearing that afro"


"Oh, alright! But only because you asked nicely."


Kim goes afro.




Surj goes afro.




James goes afro.  And really happy about it too!!!


Julian goes afro.



Abraham Lincoln



Afro Girl







On The Dance Floor

Surj "Simon, you look like a frigging idiot.  Nothing's changed then?"




Karolina and Maxine


Rachel, Susan and cute girl whose name I don't know (but would like to). 


Julia and Rachel


Julia in man eating pose.






Hawaii 5-0!!!


Andy sighs "I wish I was wearing a dress tonight"




"Come over here, big hair boy!"


"Just beautiful, darling!"


Heidi asking for just one final drink.




Deborah doing her Exorcist impression.


Karolina dancing all by herself.


Andy moves in.


Woo hoo!!!


'Check out these guys snogging.  Where do I get some?'


'Oh yeah!  That Abigail is looking very tidy.  Time to lose the wig and show her what I've got.  If I show her some of mine, perhaps she'll she'll show me some of hers.''


'Ta da!!!!'


"Errr Abby...I think something's fallen out."


Simon Creeger doing a 'sexy' dance for his wife


Wife races off with afro - not husband.


"Who's the school teacher?"


Martin does Pavarotti.


What a nice hairy chest. 


"Two beers!!! What more does a man need?"


"Well, man cannot live on beer alone."


End of Night Shots

Ross not at all happy about the bar closing.


A flower.


Heidi shows off the handsome bloke she's just pulled.



  Ben and wife.