Air Guitar...Errrr...Spoon!!

April 2001


After a heavy night of drinking at some bar in the city at the height of a tube strike, we headed back to Dan's place to keep partying.  How we got back alive, I don't know, but Mandy is one of the world's greatest drunk drivers.  Must be a South African thing - you can't get a taxi there and walking is not safe so everyone just drives home drunk.  If you do it often enough, you get good at it I guess.


Mandy was definitely much better than me.  I nearly broke the car key just trying to get the boot of Dan's car open so I could put my bag in.  Mind you, five or six Long Island Ice Teas will do that to you.


Anyway, got back and laid into some serious air spoon action while waiting for the food to cook...check it out.


Air Spoon Action

Mark and Me "We got chicken and spring rolls, Woo hoo!!!!".   Mark is truly frightening.


The boys - Mark, Daniel and Me.


Me showing Mark how Elvis would've played air spoon.


Me and Mandy, my air spoon groupie.