Family and Friends

Australian Holiday Dec 2000/Jan 2001


Me and the girls - Cendrine, Tamy, Jodie, Melissa and Merie - at the Xmas Eve BBQ at Mum's place.  I arrived in from London at about 6.20am that day.


Glen posing for Simon's Brand new shiny digital camera


Scot having a laugh at the idiot behind the lense.


Glen showing a look that has made many young maiden swoon...not!


Me dressed up as Anakin Skywalker


My father, Steve Connell.  Not one his best photos I'm thinking.  Taken at one of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne - the legendary Leos Spaghetti Bar in Fitzroy St, St Kilda.


Renee doesn't like having her photo taken.  Had lunch in a Cafe in Collins Street.


Lucas, Uwe (pronounced 'hoover'), Sarah and Heidi.  I went to high school with Uwe.


My mother, Angela Connell


Our dog, Luger.  A totally crazy uncontrollable rottweiler.  The more you hit him to make him behave, the more he likes it and races around the yard at a great pace.


My sister Sally and her boyfriend Chris


Sally, Chris and Mum at a New Years Day family BBQ at Mum's place.


Luger, wanting attention again.


Kathy #1


Kathy #1 and me having brekkie in Chapple Street


Kathy #1 and her boyfriend Steven.  Nice matching tops.  It's really sad when couples start dressing the same.


Bar girl from the Imperial in Chapple Street.  She was really fond of my Boeing hat and then proceeded to tell Cendrine and I her whole life story.






Merie, Cendrine and Me (check out the sun burn) at a restaurant in Bridge Road, Richmond.


Kathy #2 looking classy in Hardware Lane, Melbourne.


Jodie (pregnant - not fat) posing Vanity Fair style in front of a stop sign.  She really looks great at the moment.




Mum, Me and Sally at the departure lounge before the flight back to London


errrr....quite a silly family photo.