New Years Eve 2000 Love Fest

Australian Holiday Dec 2000/Jan 2001


Had a great new year's eve at Cathy's place.  I went on an absolutely ballistic party tripped fueled by an esky full of champagne and a digital camera that just wouldn't stop taking pictures.  The more I drank the more evil the pictures got.  Enjoy.


Party in the Kitchen


The Gang in the Kitchen - Natasha No. 1, Wayan, Natasha No. 2, Simon and Cendrine


Natasha and Cendrine.  Looking lovely girls!


Natasha, some Sherpa Guy and Wayan


Wayan and Simon


Cendrine getting into the champagne and strawberries is Natasha.


Natasha No. 2, Simon and Natasha No. 1


And again...


Cathy the 'Hostess with the Mostess', who through the party.  Thumbs up!


Cathy showing the product of one of her numerous talents - tying a knot in a candy snake in her mouth using only her tongue.  Marry me now!


And yet another talent....


Simon's culinary contribution to the evening - party pies and sausage rolls.  You can't imagine how much I miss these.


Natasha searches for her last cigarette of the year.


Simon helps her find it.


Mel (?) losing it completely.


Tash drinking champagne and looking sweet


...errrr...well that's another use for a strawberry.


New Years Eve (12.01am) - The Love Fest Begins


Natasha puckers up for a new years eve kiss and unwittingly starts off a love fest.


Simon thinks it would be rude not to....


....and ends up in a clinch...purely for the camera of course.


Simon goes on a alcohol and digital camera fuelled rampage trying to kiss every girl at the party.


Natasha succumbs to the Simster's charms...


But not so Wayan. 


Madman on the loose!


Cendrine also fall's for Simon's charms...not that she had there was much choice in the matter.


As does Wayan.  He loves it doesn't he?


As do Cathy's two pert friends.


Simon and Anthony.


Simon and some guy


Some guy's girlfriend "This is not happening to me!"


Natasha and Cathy


errrr....Wayan's friends from Darwin


Two folks whose names escapes me


"Whoah! Love Fest Over.  I draw the line at dogs."


Post Love Fest Party in the Library


Cathy looking happy.


Anthony kicking the camera man.


Some girl "Get away from me!"


Natasha and Anthony


Natasha and Anthony again


Simon says "What nice eyes you have Cathy".  To which Cathy replies "My eyes are up here stupid".


Girls mucking around with the digital camera.


Cendrine and Simon


Natasha and Simon


I've heard of havng a worm in a bottle of mex but a whole snake?!!!!