Pubs & Clubs

Australian Holiday Dec 2000/Jan 2001


Cherry Bar

Went looking for one of the fadish hard to find bars in the back alleys off Flinders Lane.  You really have to be in the know as half the buildings look condemned and there is no signage.  Eventually ended up with Mel, Alex and Fleur in the Cherry Bar


Melissa looking classy.


Alex attached to


...and wife Fleur.


Beautiful shot of Melissa which just has to be immortalised here on the web.


Amber Lounge

A new club near hardware lane.  Well new since I was last there.  Also new telling by the fact that the place was predominately full of women until about 11pm.  After that, the boys arrived.  As they say 'where women are, men will follow.'


Natasha #1 looking cute.


Wayan puckering up for a kiss.


Natasha #2 smiling sweetly for the camera.


Some girl I chatted up.  I think I was attracted by the matching lipstick and top.


Two girls we were dancing with. Hubba hubba hubba.


Scot and me.


Scot going for the lunge with Glen's 'sister'.  Glen is Scot's twin brother.  A filthier women I have yet to meet.


Scot showing his signature 'Spank The Mooonnnnnkkkkkeyyyyy' dance move.


The two 'tashas


Wayan strutting his thang.


Bar girl and Scot.  mmmm....wholesome.


Finbars in Brighton

A frequent hangout near Scot and Jason's place. Friendly crowd, great live bands.  Shitty sound system.  Nevertheless, many good nights have been had here.


Jason and some girl.


Scot, Andrew and lobster boy Jason.


Scot and Kate looking lurvely.


The band.


La Porcheta

La Porcheta used to be one of my favorite cheap eats.  $12 would buy you and a friend a couple of pizzas, half a litre of red and a few coffees.  Why eat at home?


Me, Wayan and Andrew


Elephant and Wheelbarrow

English pub in St Kilda.  Not a bad place to have a pint and listen to some live music.


Jason, Kate and Scot looking pretty for the camera.


"So when are you guys going to get married?"


Soon, Scotty, soon.


Wayan showing his famous beer coaster trick.


Simon learning from the master.


Molly Blooms

Ahhh...The scene of many a good night out.  Mind you, this wasn't really one of them.  There used to be a band playing on a Saturday night called Madhouse.  They played a bit of madness and a whole range of good pub songs.  They always used to finish off with the theme to Hawaii 5-0.  Four or five of us used to do canoe paddling actions at the front of the stage and the band would splash water on us.  Great times. 


However, just a lone player on stage the night we went.


Scot showing the look that didn't win him a modelling contract.  After this, Scot ran off with Kate and the rest of us went to a shady strip bar for a few beers and lap dances.  Sorry, no pictures unfortunately.