Barfly Stragglers


During February 2001, Dan and I started going out to a local Camden pub called Barflys @ The Monarch.  Here's what followed us home at three in the morning.


Dan and Emma #1

Emma #1 was a straggler from the first night we went out to Barfly's. Her best friend who also comes out with her is also called Emma.  We called her Emma #2.


Dan and Emma.  Emma told us she once got a case of septic tonsils.  How? we asked. 

Well, apparently she put something in her mouth that she shouldn't have. 


Dan and Emma.  Emma has the hots for Dan but he keeps rebuffing

her. Actually, it got to the point that Emma thought Dan was gay.  I've

seen the man in action and that's definitely not the case.


Well, not a straggler photo but I put it in anyway.  This is Dan explaining

why he's popular with the ladies.


No pictures please...

One night, Dan, Rob and I, bagged our biggest band of stragglers with four people we didn't know - Emma #1, Juliette, Juliette's friend and some guy Juliette's friend picked up.  I have no idea what the girl's name was let alone the guy's.  He ended up staying the night.  She went home with Juliette.


Juliette's friend and some guy.




And yet again...


Get away from me...Juliette was a bit reluctant to have a picture taken at first but

I soon convinced her that the photos could be taken tastefully.


Juliette's 3am Glamour Shots

Tasteful photos below.








Sold, Let and Managed

No idea where the sign came from or why I decided to use it as a prop.