Boatwash - 70's Party on HMS Belfast

July 2001


Here are the photos I took when I went to a 70's party on the HMS Belfast, an old british cruiser moored on the Thames.  There were drinks on the rear decks, dancing in the main mess and officers mess as well as vodka luges and gambling in the captains cabin.  Very cool.  Also very bizzare.


Drinks on the Aft Deck

Me with Sonya, Jeremy, Sonya's friend and a whole lot of South East London girls I don't know.  I know they were South East London girls after Jeremy did his usual stiring act.  Bless the boy.  He's just too obnoxious.


All the glamorous blonds together (me included).  Blonds definitely have more fun!


Ex-Navy Totty

Well, I used to know her name.  It could be Victoria but I'm not sure now.  Anyway, she said she used to be a radio operator in the navy so in the interests of having a label, I will call her Ex-Navy Totty.  


Anyway, I met her strolling along the decks on the way to the mess for a boogie.  Well, we got diverted and ended up taking a whole lot of photos on the front of the ship.  Here they are.


Me doing a Village People 'In the Navy' impression near the guns of the bow of the ship (note correct use of nautical terms).


And here's me in close up.  Don't I look a sexy beast?


Me doing a Titanic impression with Ex-Navy Totty.


Which then got slightly dodgy looking.


Ex-Navy Totty posing in front of the main guns.  Not at all camera shy is this one.


In the Main Mess, Officers Mess and the Captain's Cabin

In the mess, the main dancing action was going on.  All good.

Cousin Jeremy telling me how big it really is.  


Another shy girl.


"I say, stop, that this instant."


Well, the Iceman Cometh.  Random girl taking vodka from the iceman's appendage.  Have to say, I had a go struggled to get my mouth around it and spilt most of the vodka down my front.  I have no idea how the girls were managing it.  I'm guessing it has to do with more practice.


Girls on a hens night.  They were very naughty.  They were insisting that every guy who stepped near them dropped their pants and stripped off.  I obliged on the dropping the pants but drew the line at completely stripping off.  If you not wearing the proper stripper gear, it's just too hard to get your kit off in any way that looks like sexy.


Abba girl and the Spiderman.  Have to say that this is one of the weirder shots of the night in my mind.


Sonya and her Indian love god.  Hubba Hubba Hubba.


Two random girls.


Me and another random (but nice) girl who looks completely and utterly constipated in this photo.  Sorry.  Alternatively, she is trying to burst her cleavage out of her top by sheer force of will.


Speaking of cleavage.  Me and another random girl who was memorable for the fact that her top fell down early in the evening revealing all her frontal glory (I'm sure there are other things she is memorable for). Most impressive.


Pole Dancing Competition

Ex-Navy Totty and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert had a pole dancing competition.


Why Priscilla?  Well, that's what she said her name was at the Elusive Camel, a good ole pub near the Belfast.

Priscilla eyeing up Ex-Navy Totty.


Battle begins.


How low can they go?


Serious pole dancing happening.


It's getting hotter.


Me not believing what I'm seeing.


Shaking that ass!


Full points for flexibility, we have a winner!


Ex-Navy Totty looking very happy with herself.


Gun Girl

Somewhere towards the end of the night, I met Jenny.  Here's a few more photos.  Girls just love having the photos taken on ships.


Jenny with guns


Posing against turret.  Unfortunately, Jenny wasn't up for sitting astride the gun barrels Cher-style.


Near the prow.