Dinner and Casino Royale (With Cheese)

April 2001


Sometime at about 1am in the morning at Dan's dinner party, we thought it would be a great idea to have a formal black tie dinner at my place and then go to the Monarch on Casino Royale (with cheese) Night.  Well, we did, here's the results.


Cooking in the Kitchen

Me stir crazy in the kitchen.  Unfortunately...that's about as far as we got 

with the cooking shots.  You'll just have to take my word for it that the meal

looked good, smelt good and tasted good.


Couch Crazy

For some strange reason we started foolin' around with the couch and took all these shots.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  Too much vino?

Daniel and Emma #1.


Daniel sinking


Daniel gawn..


Daniel and Emma #2's behind.


Daniel's always happy when surrounded by lovely women.


Me doing an escalator going down impression and trying to look cool while doing it.


Let's get a good close up of that cool look.  Man, I'm so sexy, I can't keep my 

hands and lips of the screen.  Whoah!!!  (Self delusion is a wonderful thing.)


Me doing an escalator going up.


Emma #1 showing her funky dance moves.


Foolin' around in the Lounge

Me as usual....tongue and tonsils out.


The Emmas.  Emma #1 admiring the nice shade of pale on the wall (or avoiding the camera)


Emma #1 showing how to walk like an Egyptian.


Emma #2 showing how she sleeps like an Egyptian.


Daniel completely smashed.




Me getting down with Emma #2.


Whoah!  How did I end up with Daniel?


Emma #1 looking electric blue.


Emma #2 not believing what Daniel and Simon are getting up to.


Someone's gotta do the washing up

Emma #2 got saddled with the washing up for being naughty. 


And now....Casino Royale....(with cheese)....

Click here for the classy black and white version of Casino Royale...(with cheese).... 


On the way to Casino Royale in a mini-cab.  If the driver is looking at Dan, 

what's happening to the road?


Me (ultra cool still) trying not to make eye contact with the weirdo beside me.


Emma #2: "Do you like my underarm deodorant, Dan?"

Dan: "Yeah!"


Me and Dan.  I really need to get the tongue under control.  It's a bad habit.


Emma #2.


"My throat is so parched.  What do I have to do to get a drink around here?"


Another bad habit - looking up girls dresses.  Dan loving it.


Emma #1 happy as - beer, fag and a bag - what more could you want?


Emma #2 saying hello for the camera.


Emma #2 about to kiss the camera.  


Emma #1 taking a sniff of Dan's new all man cologne.  Easy tiger!


The crowd at the Monarch.


Dan smashed again.


Me frightening some girl.


"Hey, I gotta drink!"


"Whoah, it's strong...too much vodka!"


"Oh my god, he's so sexy but what's that on his head?"


"Simon, get that bra off your head! You look ridiculous!"


Some Monarch lovelies.


Some dude.


Some dude again!



Daniel disturbed about having half his head cut off.  Emma #2 on the 

other hand, doesn't seem to mind.


Emma going for a dive.


Emma #2 showing off her deodorant.  "Look, three hours in this

hot sweaty place and still no wetness or smelliness!"


Daniel burning up and loving all the attention.


Me surfing again.


Our host for the evening....Mr Di Milo....and a groupie.


Charlotte rolling up late.


And a few more photos that didn't make the cut...