Dinner At Dan's

April 2001


There's a great deal of competition between Dan and me.  Girls, motorcycles, drinking and now, fine cuisine.  Dan decided to dip his toe into the dinner party scene and invited the Two Emmas and me to dinner at his place - here's the results.  


A superb vegetarian stirfry was prepared by the Danster and eaten.  By the way, there's no pictures of the food,  just four friends getting extremely drunk.  


After dinner drinks

Emma #1, errr...me as per usual, Demonic Dan and Emma #2


Me looking suave, cool and sophisticated.


Just me and the Two Emmas.


Emma #2, The Eternal Flame and Dan


Yo Dan!!!


"Wazzzz Uppppp!!!!"


Emma #1 "I can't believe this is happening to me"


Simon "Emma, what do you think of this as a fun thing for consenting adults to do when the lights go out?"


Emma #2 "Oh-My-God....That's so sick!".


Dan looking taking it all in his stride.  Smoking a cigar as a mobster should.  


Glamour Shots


A beautiful shot of Emma #1



Emma #2


Has anyone seen the cigarette lighter?

Nup, not here.


"I haven't got it either."