Marleen's Party


Marleen, along with her flatmate Leilani, threw a house warming party on the 5th of April.  It was a pretty big night that left me feeling a bit seedy the next morning.


Marleen's Party

My cousin Jeremy.


From left to right: Cassandra, Patricia, Paula and some guy who has a 

twin brother.


Alice describing domestic life with her boyfriend, Nicholas.




Cassandra looking foxy.


Sonya, Girl Unknown and Paula discussing how to make the camera

work. "Isn't it just like a video recorder?" says Paula.



Patricia, my ex-wife in a former life - about 3000 years ago. 


As you can see, we parted happily.  Man, I don't know how I

think up this crap when I'm pissed.  I'm obviously operating on

another planet or in a different universe to the rest of the

human race.


Sonya, Leilani and Cassandra.


Leilani - Marleen's flatmate and one of our hostesses for the evening.


"Where's my drink gone?"


"I didn't take it!"


"Simon Connell!!!!!  It wasn't me!!!!!"


"You found my drink!!!!  Thanks".  Cassandra overjoyed with finding her drink.


Pierre the french fighter pilot.


Paula 'Biker Babe' and me.  In her former job at Honda, she had a

company motorcycle.  How cool is that?



Leilani and Paula telling me to talk to the hand.