A Night Out With Pete The Perch - Party Fish

Dan and I decided to go out on Saturday to a few parties.  I invited Pete the Perch from work to tag along.  Have to say I was shocked at the little guy.  He turned out be quite a party animal and.....a bit of a lady's fish.


First Stop: Terry-anne's party at the Great Eastern, E1

Anais and Terry-anne, both looking absolutely ravishing.


Anais and Terry-anne again.


Pete and Melissa.  I can't believe it.  She has a boyfriend!


Pete and Terry-anne.  Terry-anne's got a boyfriend as well.  How does he do it?  For a fish, he's definitely got a way with the ladies.


Me, Pete and the mini-cab driver trying to figure out how to get to Chiswick.  Pete wanted to give him a kiss (being a friendly kind of fish) but the mini-cab driver said it was against his religion to kiss fishes.  Unbelievable.


Second Stop: Graham's Mexican Party, Chiswick, W4

Pete with the hosts and the hostess with the Mostess. 


Pete hits the bar. "So what's a nice girl doing in a place like this?"  


Pete turned out to be a bit more refined than Dan I expected - eschewing vodka for a nice bottle of red.  Here he is sampling the bouquet.


Dan giving Pete a hand. "Man, he drinks like a fish"


Some guy, Caroline, Tamy and Sonya


Greg, Melissa's new beau, and Pete.  One minute, he's kissing the guy's girl, next minute he's joking around with him.  Sly fish.


Pete and I hanging out.


Pete sucking back on a cigarette.


Tamy, Sonya and Carl


Sonya and Carl 


Pete being french kissed by Sonya


Nicki and Michelle


Pete and Michelle


"Whad r ya staring at?  Didn't you know us perches are bottom feeders?"  Pete gets into Michelle's pants.


"Hubba Hubba Hubba!!!" Pete not believing his luck.


Caroline loving at Pete's jokes.  Unfortunately, it's not working so Pete quickly moves on.....


...and scores!!!!  Pete with two french girls.  


They didn't speak any english but that didn't worry Pete....  


...Pete speaks the international language of love.


Dan breaks up the threesome.....but........Pete's not fussed.  He circle back for the one on the left later.  


Pete demonstrates his patented fish technique for getting a girl out of a dress.  Slip under the strap, a flick of the tail and voila! the strap comes off.  One down, one to go.  


Party down Mexico way.  I wonder where Pete is.


Carl and Tamy looking happy.


Graham "Simon, Pete's in trouble!!!!"


"Easy man, I'm a lover - not a fighter." Pete gets into trouble.  It had to happen sooner or later.


"Get outa the bathroom - you sick perverted fish."


Michelle smiling for the camera.  It looks like she has antennae.  I always knew these South Africans were from another planet.


Michelle pouting for the camera.


"Ahhh...it's a fish's life". Pete now with the other french girl.  Sheeessshhh!.


Next Morning

"Ohhhh man!!!  I must have been wearing beer fish goggles last night" Pete wondering what happened to the french girl he was canoodling with a few hours earlier.


"Uggghhhh...I feel sick"


9.30am next morning.  Back at the pond.  Pete's crashed out