The Reporting Offsite


The Reporting team took a day off from work to think about the company, project, bond and get totally hammered as a team.  Here's the photos.


Conference Room

We spent the morning and early afternoon in a talking about our thoughts on Arcordia and the project.

Kate not wanting her photo taken.





Go Karting

Kate showing a touch of nerves.


Pre-race drivers photo.


The track.  Totally fantastic corners with the most most powerful karts

I've had for a while.  Somewhere in the darkness is a go-kart.




Another someone.


Matt feeling a little tired and queasy post race.


Neil came first, me second and Richard V third.  Neil had way too much

natural talent.



The boys in the showers.


Dinner at Red Cube

After go-karting, we dressed up in our finest threads and hit Red Cube.


The Team - Mr Herson, Neil, Ahsan, Simon H, Me, Heidi, Kate, Matt


Matt telling me how it is.


Neil cracking up as he talks about his famous party trick.  Apparently, he

has the ability to inhale air through his rectum. 


Poster at Red Cube


Attempts at capturing photos of lighting Drambuie failed miserable

but got some interesting shots anyway.  Both faces are me.  The photo

has been enhanced a bit with a graphics program.


Heidi and Kate


At the Red Cube Bar

Simon H. enjoying himself more than is legal. 


Heidi and I.


Neil and Simon H. sharing a drink.


Was it good for you?


Matt and Ahsan telling me where I can put my damned digital camera.




Kate again.


Matt and Ahsan.


Ahsan, me and Matt.


Some girl who I convinced to let me take a picture of her.


Me and another random girl.


Heidi looking for her drink.


Ahsan showing his moves.  He looks like he is about to fall

over.  Kate walking away quickly whilst trying not to get noticed

by the camera.


Me reaching up to choke Ahsan.


Ahsan and Heidi.


Neil 'The Stalker' scanning the room for more targets while Ahsan laughs.


Matt and Heidi.


Me and Claudia.


The Dude.


The Red Cube Bar Staff



The Amazing Dance Moves Of Matt Arnold

Matt about to bust a move.


On one foot.


"Whose you daddy? Where's you mother?"


Matt from above.  I'm lying on the floor after Matt picked me up and pushed my

head into a rather low ceiling.  Bygones.


"It wasn't me."


Matt doing a Liam Gallaghar "Git outa my way, Robbie"


"Whoa! Eyes righhhhhtttt!" says Matt.


Air guitar.


The Reporting Angels

Kate, Ahsan and Heidi.


Heidi, me and Kate.


Kate and I.


Me and Heidi (pornstar name - Heidi Steams)


Special Feature: Heidi Stevens - Facial Contortionist

Normal (apart from the angle).


She can touch her nose with her tongue.




Heidi and Matt


Heidi again.