Riga Madness or "How to get five hours sleep in only four days".


Yet another weekend in Riga.  Partied for 4 days straight with only 5-6 hours sleep through the whole time.  I think I got the sleep on Sunday.


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Friday Night - La Roca

Daniel and I go into Riga at about 11.30pm.  We dropped our bags off at the hotel, put on the disco threads and headed straight to La Roca.  Not many photos I'm afraid as I accidentally wiped the first lot of La Roca pictures.  Was a great night.  I got home at 6am.  Daniel left an hour later with god knows who.  


Daniel and two girls.


Whassss Uuuuupppp!!!!!


Me showing my one of my legendary dancy moves.


Me and two different girls.


Daniel with the beginnings of looking totally wasted.


Me and Dan


Daniel and some girl.


"Who's your daddy!!!"


Saturday Night - Vincents

Didn't actually sleep all day despite best efforts.  Dan rang me at 11am and said he still hadn't slept since he left La Roca.  Too much Red Devil and vodka could be the culprit me thinks. I hadn't slept either so we went down to catch breakfast.  After breakfast, both Daniel and I tried to get some sleep again (separately) but by 4pm it wasn't working so we went to the hotel gym and worked out instead.


Later, we met the Anna and Julia in the hotel bar and went off to Vincents, the top restaurant in Riga.  What a time!


Me surfing the luggage trolley at the hotel.


Daniel and Anna


Dan with his cigar doing a Groucho Marx impression.


Me and Julia.


Me looking very very serious.


Julia posing with a rose between her teeth.


Julia eating the rose.


Julia force feeding me with rose.  It was made from marzipan just in case 

you are wondering.


"Who's the daddy?"


Daniel exhaling.


Poof Daddy, the notorious white rapper and gang-star, wearing one of his 15 fur coats.  He is on the phone to one of his 'product' distributors or perhaps his lawyers.


Saturday Night - Nautilis

After Vincents, we all went to Nautilis where Palazzo was having some kind of party.  It was a great night.  Met all the Palazzo management and caught up with a lot of the Palazzo girls.  Drank cognac in the VIP bar with one of the owners.  Man, that cognac tasted good.  It could be my new drink.


The night was Fight Club night or some theme.  looked good.


Portholes and fish tanks in the VIP bar.  Me looking a little worse for wear after nearly two days without sleep.


One of the barmen in the VIP bar.


Nadia and Julia.


Svetlana and Julia.


Girls dancing in the VIP bar.


Julia knocking back another G&T.


Julia with Olgda.  Julia succeeds where many have tried and many have failed.  Sigh!


Julia and me.




Julia again.


Julia looking like she is going to do something naughty.


And there it is.  Much cooler now.




Nadia leaving Nautilis.


Julia and one of the girls in the shop just as we were leaving.


Sunday Afternoon In Riga

Stayed night at Julia's until 3.30pm Sunday afternoon and then went back to the hotel, showered, shaved and changed into fresh clothing.  Went and had coffee with Dan at Nostalgia, a place decorated with communist murals and displaying a little old fashioned Soviet  decadence.  Julia joined us before taking us off to the Lido for dinner.  The Lido is this huge family smorgasboard restaurant which sells lots of Russian and Latvian food.  Excellent stuff.


Cool picture of the river.


Sunday night at Svetlana's

Julia and I hung out at Svetlana's for a few hours drinking champagne, nibbles 

and watching videos from the launch of Palazzo.  I played around with with 

the camera and took a few shots of Julia. 




The photo session later took on a different flavour as Svetlana said a few things in Russian to Julia.  Before I knew what was happening they both started giggling and ran off into Svetlana's bedroom.  A few minutes later, Svetlana came out, dimmed the lights, put some music on and I 

was treated to a lingerie show from Julia.




There are more photos but I promised to keep them private. 


Sunday Morning 3am - Nautilis

Left Julia's at 3am and went to find Daniel as I was worried that I got the flight time wrong and that he would miss the flight. Located him in Nautilis looking pretty wasted.


Poster in Nautilis.  The girl in the photo below is Svetlana.


Sunday Morning 4am - La Roca

After Nautilis, we came to the conclusion that there wasn't much point going home to bed so we went to La Roca. The place was still going.


Alien landing lights #1.


Alien landing lights #2.



Laser lights.


Strobes going off.


Dan looking like he's got too much energy.


Me looking very haggard.


Neon sign in one of the bars.


Heathrow 9am - Arrival

Dan and I not looking too well.