Ireland vs New Zealand Rugby Weekend

November 2001


I went with Jeremy and a bunch of his friends to Dublin to see the Irish play the All Blacks.  It could have been Jeremy's birthday as well (could be wrong ... it was a while back now).  Anyway, it was a great game and a great weekend.  Here are the photos.


Friday Night At the Boomerang In Dublin

"I'm looking for some action"


"Mr 69 looks cute."


Mr 69 "Arggghhh!!!! I'm being groped!!!"




Me and some girl.  Was probably Scottish. For some strange reason, every girl I met was from Scotland on a girls weekend away.  I didn't meet an Irish girl all evening.


What tonsils!


"There's no way I'm sticking my tongue out or in any other direction for you tonight."


Simon "You're nice girls.  What do you do want to do next?"


Simon "All righty. We'd best grab our coats then?"



Drinks Before The Game

The boys at the pub before the game.  Jeremy proudly showing off the pint glass of Guinness that he has just put down.


Teams meeting the Irish President.


All Blacks doing the Haka.


Smiles all around.  A great end to a great game.  The All Blacks won but the Irish gave them a bit of a scare. The Irish were in front at the end of the first half and shocked silence reigned in the Kiwi stand.



Saturday Night After The Game

Abba Twins


The boys spreading the love.


Aaron showing off his form to the local crowd.  Little does he realise that his fly is undone and he's hanging out.


An amazed Irish girl admiring his work "Does that pickup approach work with the girls in New Zealand?"


"I think it deserves a clap."


Jeremy and me "uggghhhhhhh"


Jeremy clipping a mate over the ear for even suggesting we force him to drink another pint.


Who's the guy in the Hawaiian shirt?  He's one trendy looking muthaplucker.


Aaron "I'm happy."


Aaron a couple of hours later "I'm wasted."


Sunday Morning

A pair of woman's panties (soiled) were found on the floor of our hostel on Sunday morning when we woke up.  No one knew how they got there.  We all wondered whose they were.  All signs pointed in one direction.  That of the birthday boy.


Jeremy "They're so not mine, man!!!"