British Grand Prix, Silverstone, UK

July 2001


In July, we got tickets to the Saturday practice session of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Was good to see the cars go around for a while although not the best way to spend 65.  I think I much prefer to sit in front of the TV and catch all the action.  Better still, a corporate tent at the race track with a TV.


Formula 1 Practice Session on the Saturday before the race

Ferrari, Williams, Sauber and another Ferrari going past.




Helicopter parking area


Jaguar or maybe Sauber.  Who knows? Who cares?  Time to buy a decent telephoto lenses.  if you thought these photos were bad, you should've seen all the others that contained no cars and were the result of my poor attempts to take action photos of objects going a whole lot faster than I could move and press a camera button.










My favourite team - Minardi.  My father and I used to call ourselves the Minardi team when we used to go go-karting.  In one race, we lost a rear wheel after someone (possibly me) forgot to tighten up the wheel nuts.


Sauber and a Mclaren


Harrier Jumpjets and Helicopters

Harrier Jumpjet doing a display.  Must get SLR with telephoto lens one of these days.


Fancy helicopter.  They were all over the place.


Formula 3000 Race

Cars close together at the start.


Close racing but a bit of distance starting to appear.


F3000 cars racing.


Close up on corner leading into one of the straights.


Mark Webber, Aussie and F1 wannabe racing around.


Mark Webber again.


Two Russian cars going around.


Russian cars again.  Why where they russian?  Well, it's because they were behind and they wanted to catch up.  Boom Boom. Poor joke.