Swingers, Hippies and Pornstars - Simon's 30th Birthday Party

16 June 2001


Had my 30th birthday at my place on the 16th of June 2001 - one day after my birthday.  It was a dress up affair.  Everyone had to come as a Swinger, Hippy or Pornstar.  I came as a hippy.  As for the others, you'll just have to make up your own mind.


Random Shots

Ruth and Andrew


Ruth and Caroline


Daniel looking like a hippy talking to Paulie.  Ruth in background with permanent alcohol induced wide grin (love it!).


Some guy (no idea who he is or who he came with), Caroline and David (Leigh's Hubbie).


Team America - Leilani, Queen Marleen, Gee (not sure here on name he...but G-string keeps coming to mind so I'm presuming this is some memory trick I used to remember her name....I mean, her name wouldn't be g-string would it?) and Jason (Gee's beau).


Andrew, me and Dan.


Me doing the usual with my tongue.


Mixing the drinks.


Andrew, Leigh and David solving the worlds problems.


Simon: "Come on, give us a kiss Emma."


"Woo hoo!!! Scored!!!"


The Fabulous Doctor Porn

Doctor Porn (aka Mo, who is also a doctor in real life) looking fabulous.


Doctor Porn giving Dan advice on his many sexual dilemmas.


Doctor Porn: "Hey, did someone fart?"

Emma #2: "It wasn't me."


Doctor Porn: "Okay, it was me.  But it wasn't my fault.  I'm completely trolleyed."


The Emma #1 And The Bloke

Emma #1 and bloke (forgot name....sorry).  Life doesn't get much better.  A beer, a smoke and a bloke.


Emma's #2 reaction after The Bloke asked her whether she would do the wild thing dressed up as Bambi and covered in whipped cream with him.  Emma #2 thinks it's a good idea but Emma #1 doesn't look so sure.....judging by the fact she is lighting up another cigarette to add to the one already in her mouth..  


The Bloke, a minute or two later "Well....after much consideration, she's up for it! A life long dream come true!"


Roland and Emma #2

Roland showing the basic moves to some Latvian folk dance.


Emma #2 and Roland playing hide and seek from each other.  Roland has got no clue where she is.


Roland says "Where is me woman, man?"


"Got her!"


Pornstars!! Paul and Terri-anne

Cool lighting, two bodies, close together, as one.  Who can it be?


Paul and Terri-anne....Pornstars!....in.....Fridge Problems!!!!!!


Terri-anne: "Have you come to fix my fridge?" 

Paul: "Yeah.  Show me where it is and I'll get my tool out and fix it for you"


Starting to get naughty....   


Very naughty...


Well....I never.... (click here for the sound track)


Totally...off the planet....but fridge now fixed.


Terri-anne looking unbelievably happy.  Paul looking exhausted.  These two are definitely porn stars.


Swingers!! Victoria and Josh

Victoria and Josh: "Hi....we're here for a swingers party."

Josh: "I put the 'gerrrr' in 'swinger', baby!"


Josh and Victoria playing it cool on the couch.


Josh's eyes narrow.  He sees a few people approaching the couch.


Victoria sees them too.


Victoria: "They look nice.  Do you think they'll be up for it?"

Josh: "mmmmm...not sure.  Guess I'll have to ask."


Josh: "So....Terri-anne, Paul....do you SWING?". 


Terri-anne...sweet girl that she is....doesn't quite know what to say....but is grabbing Paul's neck to stop him from saying anything.


Smokers Corner

Roland taking a drag.


Me, Emma #2, Dan and Emma #1.  Love Emma #2's admiring look.  She thinks I'm a god and obviously worships me from afar.  Alternatively, there's something on the ceiling which has captured her attention.


The gang again.  Me taking the photo. Emma #2 still looking at the ceiling.


Dan and me.