Tamy's 30th Birthday Bash (featuring the Golden Love God)

October 2001


In October 2001, Tamy turned 30 and had a glam themed party at a bar in Soho.  It was a good do.  Here are the pictures I took on the way, there and afterwards.  Enjoy.


Behold The Golden Love God

"My god, check out this cool mofo."


It's the Golden Love God (aka Simon)!!!!  The Golden Love God is wearing an afro, porno moustache, gold sunnies, gold frilly shirt, gold belt, black dinner jacket, flared jeans and is completely covered in gold dust.  Pretty fly for a white guy!!!


At The Party

The birthday girl and the Golden Love God.


Scot and Tamy.  Scot's shirt is showing what is really on his mind. "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!"


Tamy and the boys!


Marleen, The Golden Love God and Leilani.  Marleen is wearing that smile that only the Golden Love God can put on a girl's face.  Leilani doesn't know what to make of it all.  


Michaela showing off the foetus.  "Who's the Dadday?"


"I guess that would be me" says Massih.


Michaela and Massih together. 


Michael, the love boat sailor (wearing a fantastic jacket that I tried to buy off him - every gentleman should have one) and the Austrian mother to be.


Leilani and Dan looking happy.


Dan and the Golden Love God.


The Golden Love God shows off the secret of his success with the ladies.


Dan show's his.


Leilani showing that it's what attracted her when they first met.


Marleen and the Golden Love God.


Caroline, the Golden Love God and Cute Blond Girl (sorry, can't remember your name).


Caroline and Cute Blond Girl


Vanessa, Graham housemate, and Blue Boa Girl (no idea who this was).


Brown Coat Girl, the Golden Love God and Vanessa.


Graham's housemate and Blue Boa Girl.


Leilani, Tamy (THE Birthday Girl!!!) and Cassie.


The Golden Love God, South African Girl (name escapes me at this late hour) and Horny Devil Scott.


South African Girl (name escapes me at this late hour) and Horny Devil Scott.


Cute Blond Girl, Caroline and Graham.


Michael, a friend of the birthday girl, and definitely a sailor looking slightly worse for wear.  Hey, we haven't even started yet.


Alec (or Alex...I never know which) and crew (only ones I know here is South African Girl and Paolo).  


Same crew again.  Who is that glamorous girl in the centre?


Orange Love Goddess

The Orange Love Goddess.  No idea what she was doing there.  Mind you, the fact that the place was a "relaxed" bar and is in Soho is a bit of a giveaway.


"What a glamour!" says the Golden Love God. "I'm going to take a closer look"


"mmmm.... she's on the small side ...but as my grandmother used to say 'anything more than a mouthful is a wasted' "



"Uuuuuggghhhhh.....it's a guy!!!!"


Party On!

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"


Paulette "Well...go on then."


Caroline thinking 'Men to the left of me, men to the right of me, men in front of me, men behind me...whom do I go for?  All of them!'


Massih "I'm still the daddy!"


Alex showing off the power juice that keeps him rocking all night.


Alec and the Golden Love God.  The glitter's starting to wear a bit then.  To tell you the truth, that glitter stuff got everywhere (and THERE too).  It took me weeks to get rid of it all.


"Groovey baby"


Marleen, Cassandra and the Dan admiring the Golden Love God's thang!


Mike, me and Paulette.


Massih, Mike and Paulette.


The Golden Love God and The Daddy


The Birthday girl.


"Kiss me, Golden Love God!"


Birthday girl looking rather 'chilled'.


"Yo! Baby!"


Mike doing Grenadier Guards Meets Priscilla Queen Of The Desert impression.


Caroline blowing smoke in my general direction.








"Whose your daddy!"


Tamy and Karl


Tamy and Caroline.


Dan and Leilani.


Tamy and Cute Blond Girl




Leilani "You want me to do what?"




Feathers galore.


Cassie looking hot.


And with the wig on - possibly not hot.


The Mexican.


 Blue Feather Girl


Red Feather Boy and Blue Feather Girl


Massih, Caroline and Scot.




It's all looking a bit much for the karlster.




Daniel doing his elegantly wasted expression.


Afterparty at Opium

Sonya lapping up the camera.


Sonya, Cassie and Leilani.  What's wrong with Leilani.


Tamy the birthday girl.


Simon and Caroline.  Opium door staff said no wigs allowed.  I had to check it in at the cloakroom.  Shame.


Nicky and Moi


All good!


 "Man, it's hot in here!"