A Night At The Fez Bar


The weekend before Easter, Dan, Mandy, Greg, Marleen and I hit the Fez Bar in Putney for some good times. 


At Mandy's Place Before Hand

"Yo Si, what's happening man? Give me five."


Eyes Wide Shut #1 - Me taking photos of Mands as she's getting

ready.  The way the lighting works in this room reminds of those bathroom

scenes in Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut.


Eyes Wide Shut #2


Eyes Wide Shut #3


Limo Time!

"The taxi's here!"


And hey, it's a limo!




Greg and Marleen.  Marleen just loves this whole limo thing.


"You want me to do what???" says Mandy


"Okay, but just this once and only because you've been a good boy."


Mandy and Greg.


"mmmm....I think we're here."


At The Fez Bar

We hit the dance floor.


"Oh my god!  It's HUGE!!!!!" says Marleen excitedly whilst looking at 

some guy off camera.


Dan and Marleen.


"I have a plan."


Mandy checking out the talent.


"Come and get me boys!!!!"


"Simon being an idiot.....as per usual." says Marleen.


Dan and Simon.


Dan has his head massaged by a girl.


"Oh man, I'm in heaven."


Dan, Marleen ("I can't believe I'm hanging with these idiots") and Simon.


"High five, dude!"


"Look what I got" says Marleen "Can I keep him?"


Marleen feeling slightly downcast at not being allowed to keep Dan.  Greg tries to find

somewhere to stay for the night.


No, it's not the London Stock Exchange - it's a greasy food joint in Putney.