Last Updated: Tuesday 17 April 2001

Welcome back to the latest and greatest yet edition of SimonOnTheWeb.  This edition was a bit late of the press (errr...3 months) but what the hell, I've been a little busy of late.  There's a lot to look at.  Tons of photos.  Heaps of new links.  Check it out!


What's New

Friends and Family in Oz

New Years Eve 2000

Four Wheel Driving

Melbourne Pubs & Clubs

Cool Melbourne Shots

Go Karting

Lancia Integral


Pete The Perch - Party Fish


Melissa's 3am Glamour Shots

Cool London Shots

Barfly Stragglers

My New Flatmate


Mel's Leaving Parties

Riga Madness

5 Hours Sleep in 4 Days

Reporting Team Offsite

Marleen's Party

A Night At The Arby

A Night At The Fez Bar

Snow in London