Royal Ascot

19 June 2002


Nancy and I spent the day at Ascot as part of the Royal Ascot racing carnival (I love being unemployed). It was a great day spent drinking champagne, watching the people, drinking champagne, watching the horses in the paddock, drinking champagne, socialising with random strangers, checking out the form of the fillies off course, drinking champagne, waving to the Royals, drinking Pimms when the champagne ran out ... and of course ... watching the horses race (which was the whole reason we were there wasn't it?). 


Woke up the morning afterwards with a hangover.  How did that happen?  Must have been the Pimms.


Behind the Grandstands

Jazz band.


Nancy looking glamourous.  Check out the HUGE hat.


Glamour and Style.


One laid back Gordon Gekko look alike. 


People wandering around looking at each other.


More people (and my arm)


On the Race Track

The track.


Band of soldiers getting ready to play when the Queen goes past in the royal procession.


Band and some of the fillies.


The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew going post in the Royal Procession.  They didn't look particularly happy.  The band played as they went past. 


French Canadian import showing some fine form on the race track but can she cut it on the other European courses?


Nancy again.


Nancy and Simon hanging with the locals.


Nancy as the horses go past.  This was the only  race we saw.  After that, we went off to find more champagne.


In the Paddock

A find looking horse without rider being led around the paddock. 



Paddock and observation tent.


More of the same.




Simon and some of the local fillies and mares.


Khaki Guy and two Irish sisters.  One of them intently checking out his form.


Well addressed Italian Guy and Khaki guy.  Nancy spent a good few minutes trying to fight off the Italian Guy's attentions.  It was quite hilarious.  Italian's don't seem to understand the meaning of 'no' and they're so funny with it, that it's hard to get angry.


According to Nancy, Charlie the drummer from the Rolling Stones is up here.  I'll be damned if I can see him.