Dan's Party

February 2002


Unfortunately, there aren't too many pictures from Dan's 30th birthday party at the Mayfair Club.  So few in fact, that there isn't even a picture of Dan.  Why?  There are three reasons.  Firstly, Nancy and I (with camera) were late.  Secondly, the doorman wouldn't let us in until the main club opened an hour later.  Finally, I got head butted by an obnoxious eastern European guy (possibly Russian Mafiosi) who took a strong dislike to me.  Bygones....  


Getting Ready

Nancy all dressed up with bodice, flowers in her hair and smile.  Lookin' all good.  Too bad I was allergic to the flowers.  Nah ... just kidding.  Mmmmm, would you buy a car from this woman?  Bygones ... I'm rambling.


Later ... At The Mayfair Club

Cassie, Asian Mystery Girl and Leilani.


Alice, Marleen and Nancy.


Alice and Marleen looking at my nether regions.  My fly is obviously open and I'm hanging out.


Cassie "Ooh la la.  Can I take a picture?"


Steve "I can't believe you're walking around with it hanging out, man."


Mark "Whatever works man!"


Cassie "Can I see it again?"


Cassie "What if I ask nicely?"


Nancy "What's Simon up to?"


"Agghhhhh .... not here honey!"



Aftermath of Being Headbutted

Black eye.


Mysterious black eye closeup.  Love this shot.


"How did this happen?" you ask.    Well .... this Russian guy objected to me putting some drinks down on his table while Nancy and I were dancing. Normally people don't mind.  He obviously did and stood up, walked over, and gave them back to me.  Okay.  I put the drinks on another table. 


A few minutes later, he objected to me dancing in front of his table.  I told him that given that other people were dancing in front of and around other tables, there was no reason why I couldn't.  He then said "Fuck you!".  I replied "You'll have to buy me dinner first."  As I turned away from him, he head butted me.  This opened up a cut and a lump that would have looked more at home on Mike Tyson than me.  Very un-cool behaviour.


Rather than start a fight, we ended up getting him thrown out by the bouncers.  According to him, I was making a pass at his girlfriend.  I didn't know he even had a girlfriend.  And being a bit old fashioned, I've always found it to be poor form making passes at other girls when one's girlfriend is present.  He wasn't happy at being thrown out and was hanging around the front to have a go at me again.  By that time however, everyone was ready to go and they escorted us out the back through the kitchen 'must save the president style'.  I liked that last bit.  Very groovy.