Halloween and the Attack of The Zombie

Oct 2002


In late October, the Ruth meister held a Halloween party at her gaff.  I made decided to dress up as a Zombie and go along.  Kudos to the Tamster for doing my makeup. 


Here are the photos...enjoy...


Party Photos

Ruth and my good self.  Several people didn't recognise me.  Ruth couldn't even bare to look at me covered in fresh theatre blood, makeup and pizza (see light brownish yellow stain on right shoulder of t-shirt.


Mystery mask dude and the American eagle/chicken/birdwoman.


Purple bathrobe man and American eagle/chicken/birdwoman.


Michelle laughing it all off.


Bunch of dudes ... I have no idea who they are.


American eagle/chicken/birdwoman and Ruth.


Ruth looking like a horny little devil.


Dude and dudette.


Michelle and her dude.


"Show me ze nipple!!! ... "


"So I can lick it!!"


Me and scared little guy.  I didn't realise I was that tall.


Me and the American eagle/chicken/birdwoman


Me, Michelle and Ruth.  Does Ruth look like a bunny transfixed by car headlights?


Other Photos

After the party, went home and took a few photos to send friends and family...was inspired by a cover of the one of the Presidents of the United States of America albums (contains tracks such as Peaches, Dune Buggy, etc).  Ended up going to sleep in full make up.  Flatmates Gary and Dan thought I looked pretty dead the next morning...