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Last Updated: Thursday 21 November 02

Hi guys!


It's been a long time since you've heard from me I guess ... and giving my upcoming travel plans, it will be another three or four months before you see this web site updated again.


The big news is I am back from my Eastern European Motorcycle Adventure.  Got back in Mid October. It was a great experience.  Full stop.  The Old Bitch and I covered over 16,000 km in 4 months through France, Corsica, Sardinia, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hvar, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Germany.


Have just got back from spending ten days alternately chilling out and partying non-stop with friends in Krakow and Warsaw.  They're great cities, the people are friendly and Poland is cheap (for foreigners anyway).


Am now preparing for two months of travel in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.  I am looking forward to it immensely.  It'll be a complete contrast to Europe.  After that, it's back to Australia for a month come late January before heading off to South America for a year.  Hopefully, my money will hold out.


Ciao for now.  Merry Xmas and Happy New year in advance. 




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Attack Of The Zombie

Definitely my most outrageous costume yet...went as a zombie for a Halloween party.  I almost didn't recognise myself.


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(one of these days)

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