The Chicks With Dicks In Maitencillo, Chile

Mid June 2003


In the middle of June, I went away with Karen and all her teacher friends to the seaside town of Maitencillo to celebrate the birthdays of Nash, Karen and Donna.  It was a great weekend spent drinking, singing and sleeping most of the day (well, I did at least, the others got up and went for walks and stuff). Here are the pictures.


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Friday Night Sing Along

Karen, Kate, Donna, Nash and Sarah having a sing and a laugh


Karen, Kate, Donna, Nash, Sarah, Graham, Trevor and yours truly.


Nash showing off her wadanger.


Saturday Night Chicks With Dicks Dinner

The crew


Kate, Karen and the Birthday Cake


Would you buy anything off these two women?


Kim reading out her birthday poem


Kim showing why Canadian girls give the best .....


"Oh my god, cop a load at that"


Taa daa!!!!!!


Donna clearly in shock


Kate showing off her old fella


Karen making a grab for Kate's johnson.


Karen modelling her john thomas


Someone grabbing at Karen's donger


Donna showing off her tromboning technique with her trouser snake. 


Look it up on the internet if you don't know what tromboning is.


Sarah showing off her wares.


Sarah catches someone's eye


"Karen, if you're a good girl, I'll give you a kiss"


Don't they look lovely together? 


For those of you who want to see a picture of Kate's butt, click here.