Putas Y Cafiches

(Prostitutes and Pimps in english)

Early July 2003


Went to a costume party where you had to go as something starting with the letter 'C'. Karen and Kim went as 'Call Girls' and I went as a 'Cafiche' (pimp in chileno - it was lucky we we discussing slang in class as I wouldn't had a clue what to wear as I was invited at the last minute).


The Pimp and his call girls (Karen and Kim) dressed up in nurses outfits and showing lots of cleavage.


Karen and Nash singing


Kim and some short girl - I have no idea who she is...but the height difference is huge.


Nash after a pisco sour.


Karen and Katie.


Carrot and a Clever C*nt.


Me and Karen


Karen and Kim.




Karen taking it off.


Kim and her fabulous 'Gomas' (my chilean mother's words - not mine)


Sarah and Karen (mmmm...cleavage)