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Last Updated: Wednesday 01 October 2003 From Santiago,Chile

Hasta Luego Santiago!!!


Hola for the last time from Santiago. After 5 months here of learning Spanish and partying I'm leaving for ten weeks of travel through Northern Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico and Los Angeles before heading back to London in mid December 2003 for a life of abject poverty, unemployment and homelessness. 


I still don't speak perfect Spanish but I'm mas o menos able to converse with pretty much everyone I meet, order various types of drinks, get a taxi home and order a hangover cure the next morning.  Living with a family has really helped but I think I need to spend another year here working professionally to take it it the next level. it's a slow process learning a new language!


Anyway, this edition has some photos from a few parties here in Chile and a huge amount of photos from my May-June 2002 trip through the Middle East countries of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.  I hope you enjoy them.




New Content Added:

1. Transvestites Night Out

2. Putas Y Cafiches

3. Middle East Trip (2002)

4. Chilean Slang 101

5. My Dinner Last Thursday Night

6. Me In Class

7. Polish For Horny Foreigners 101

8. Something For The Tatu Fans


Forth Coming Content:

(one of these days)

  • Brazil, Argentina and Patagonia

  • South East Asia

  • Krakow Weekend

  • Motorcycling In Eastern Europe

  • Motorcycling In Spain

  • Northern Chile Short Trip




Middle East Trip 2002

Transvestites Night Out

Putas Y Cafiches

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