Czech Slang 101

(courtesy of The Alternative Dictionaries)

January 2004


You can download the pdf version here.



buzerant (noun, masc.) queer, faggot note quite vulgar


čurák dick
čůrat, čurat (verb) to pee note child language


honit ptáka (verb phrase) masturbate (literally: chase the bird) note c.f. honit si ocas
honit si ocas (verb phrase) masturbate note (hunt the tail)
hovno (noun, neuter) shit, crap note used as in English (bullshit, shit)
chuj (noun, masc.) dick, cock, penis note quite old-fashioned, but strong


kakat (verb) to shit, poop note child language
koule (noun, fem. pl.) balls, testicles note verbatim: balls, very common usage
kouřit ptáka (verb phrase) do a blow job note lit.: smoke a bird (cock)
kunda (noun, fem.) cunt note self explanatory
kurva (noun, fem.) whore, slut note used same as in English, but also as in English Fuck! if one screws up
kurvit se (verb, reflex.) to fuck around note derived from kurva, whore. Used of person who sleeps with anyone, a slut


mastit lano (verb phrase) masturbate note (grease the rope)
mrdat (verb) to fuck
mrdat (verb) to fuck note 1. to have sexual intercourse; 2. not to give a damn (mrda'm na to: I don't give a damn)


nadržený (adj.) horny note The most common Czech word for "horny". Sometimes used also outside of erotic context, meaning that someone is really eager to do something, however it still remains a slang word with derogatory implications.


odpanit (verb, trans.) to deflower note lit.: deprive a person of virginy


pasák (noun, masc.) pimp note Literal translation: "herdsman","shepherd"
pero (noun, neuter) cock note (feather)
píc^a cunt
prd (noun, masc.) fart note the very result of farting. Not like 'you old fart'.
prdel (noun, fem.) arse, ass note vyliz^ mne prdel - lick my ass; do prdele - shit, damn it
pták (noun, masc.) cock note (bird)


rychlovka (noun, fem.) quickie (to have quick sex) note (a fast one)


sra't (verb) to shit note used also in Seru na to = lit. I shit on it, meaning I don't give a damn
šoustat (verb) to fuck note stronger counterpart of s^ukat
šukat (verb) to fuck note weaker sounterpart of s^soustat


teplous^ (noun, masc.) gay (man) note Noun derived from the adjective "teply'"; derogatory but continually losing its original,very negative, connotations.
teply' (m.adj., used as m.noun) gay, queer, pantsy note male homosexual


vejce (plural) testicles note (eggs)
vykour^it (verb) give a blow job note (to smoke up) Vykur^ mi ho (vykursh mi ho) blow me


zmrd (noun, musc.) asshole (person) note derived from the verb mrdat; insult of a male only


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