The Moose Goulash File

January 2004

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I took a bit of a fancy to the old moose when I was in the Czech Republic.  Especially after I tried some of Lenka's mother's delicious moose goulash and saw a few from the window of their house in Luhacovice. 


That got me interested and I started having a look around the internet to find out more. 


Mooseworld has a lot of info on this weird looking and .... tasty animal.  No recipes unfortunately but if you are really desperate to try this rare Czech delicacy, then go to the bottom of the page.


Moose Goulash In The Wild Pictures

Moose goulash swimming.


Moose goulash walking.


Moose goulash waiting to be hit by a bullet or a car.


Moose goulash drinking.


Mouse Goulash Recipe

"You want to make me into what?"


Cesky Gulas

1 lb moose (illegally shot or roadkill), cut into pieces (easier if roadkill)
1 md Size can V-8 vegetable Juice
3 Carrots, chopped
10 Potatoes, peeled and chopped
1/2 Head cabbage, chopped
Chilli powder
Black Pepper
Few dashes of Worcestershire sauce


Brown cut up pieces of meat. Season with chili powder, salt and black pepper. Add chopped vegetables and V - 8 vegetable juice. Add ketchup and Worcestershire sauce to taste. Add water as needed. Cook until vegetables are tender and meat is done


Recipe Cottage also has a few recipes for moose and emu as well as several other vaguely endangered animals.  Delicious!!!  And if you cannot find moose meat (Tescos and Safeway don't seem to stock it on a regular basis), you can always use plain old beef.



Moose Merchandise

And finally, the Original Poop Moose.  Click on the image below to order to order this unique hand crafted Alaskan handicraft.




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