New Years 2004 In Prague

January 2004


Well, there's nothing like going to some place you don't know and with people you hardly know to party on New Year's Eve ... all at the last minute. 


Have to say I had great time with Lenka and her flatmate in Dusan partying in Prague ... right up to the moment I woke up with a massive hangover from too much slivovitz and champagne. 


Here's the pictures and the story...


Pre Going Out Drinks

Me, Lenka and her flatmate, Dusan.


Lenka and I drinking slivovitz ... basically a home made plum brandy/moonshine combination that cleans out your stomach, bowels and the carburettors of the hundreds of ancient Skodas you see on the roads here.


"I cannot believe you guys drink this shit!"


"This stuff is making my eyes water!"


Conscripts Having Fun On New Years Eve

After leaving home we went up to the castle and met a whole lot of very unhappy conscripts guarding the castle on new years ever.  They didn't look exactly happy about it.  I can't say I blame them.


Prague Castle's funniest solider. 


Another conscript having a good time freezing his arse off on guard duty on New Years Eve.  The only way I could get this smile on his face was by putting a finger up his bum! 


Just kidding ... really ... there is no way I would put my finger up the arse of a heavy heavily armed soldier.  Or any random stranger's bum for that matter.


Crap Photos Of The Cathedral Inside Prague Castle

St Vitus Cathedral inside Prague Castle.  The pictures don't really do justice to the feeling of looking at this majestic lit up cathedral while soft flakes of snow fall gently down around you. 


Ghost Cathedral #1.


Ghost Cathedral #2.



New Years On The Bridge

After checking out the castle, we decided to go to the main square to celebrate New Years.  We didn't make it and ended up having a great time with all sorts of random people on Charles Bridge.


The crew just before New Years ... well I think so ... my memory is not the best.


Lenka taking cover as Dusan opens a bottle of champagne.  We had finished the slivovitz by this stage. 


Dusan, Lenka and I drinking champagne together ... and getting very very drunk.


Watch out for the rabbit.


"Is this yours and can I have some?"


"I'm not tired, I'm just trying to act sexy!"


Extremely random Czech people we met on the bridge.  I ... l-u-r-v-e ... this photo.  It's an excellent random people shot.  The facial expressions and subjects are excellent.


Dusan and me getting very jolly. 


You don't have to be drunk to have a lot of fun ... but it helps.


Or ... as I learnt from a Vietnamese boat captain during my time in the 'nam ... "no drunk ... no fun'.  Funnily enough, I learnt this around the same time the previous year when I was in Nha Trang for new year.


Me wrestling with random black eyed Czech dude.


"And then I threw up all over the place and hit a horse!"


Me, recounting how I got a blackeye once .  Not true of course.  Well, not as events position together go.


Talking Spanish In Prague

Linguistically, it was an interesting night as both Lenka and Dusan spoke Spanish.  Consequently, we spent 50-60% of the night talking in Spanish, especially as Lenka's English wasn't all that hot at times (but she is fluent in French, Portuguese and Spanish).  If we all got stuck with English, we just switched to Spanish.  It was actually the most Spanish I'd spoken since I left Chile 3 or 4 months before.


We didn't met any Spanish speakers on the night although we did meet and converse in Spanish with lots of Italians ... all in Prague to chase the local girls. 


An Indecent Proposal On The Charles Bridge

Me: "Guess what I am going to do to you when I get home?"

Lenka: "Vhat?"


Me: "I'm going to slowly take off your clothes, kiss you slowly from head to toe ..."


Lenka: "mmm ... sounds nice ... and then?"


Me: " ... and then f#@* you up the @#*%!!!"

Lenka: "Arggghhhh!!!!"


An Indecent Counter Proposal In A Dark Alley In The Old Town

"Hi there!"


"Would you like to have some fun?"


"I have an idea."


"See this finger?"


"I'm going to take it ..."


" ... and shove it up YOUR ass!"


"Heh heh heh. YOU'RE worried now!"



Bratislav Pig's Dick At 3am In The Morning

Me to Dusan: "This is called Bratisalav Pigs Dick?  Your Sure?  You guys seriously eat this?"

Dusan: "Sure, all the time, especially when we are drunk at 3am in the morning and freezing our arses off."


"Look at this Bratislav Pigs Dick.  These people are animals!"


Me: "Do you think Lenka likes Bratislav Pigs Dick also?"

Dusan: "Sure ... all Czech girls like Bratislav Pigs Dick.  It doesn't say that in your Lonely Planet guide?"


In The Streets On The Way Home

Lenka and Dusan in an alley way.


Dusan and me molesting the front cover of the Czech edition of Maxim.


Me showing my nipples ... and increasing belly. Sigh!


"I can't believe he won't smoke me!"


Czech Slang Lesson 101

Just in case you don't understand the last caption, in the Czech Republic, to smoke someone means to give them a blowjob.


They actually have t-shirts saying No Smoking Zone with somewhat suspect stick figures doing things to each other for sale in the old town.  Lenka has sent me some boxer shorts along these lines.


Here's the Czech Slang 101 dictionary Yes! Show me more filthy words in Czech


The Morning After

I have a hang over #1.


I have a hang over #2.


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