Winter In The Czech Republic

January and February 2004


I almost went to the Czech Republic on my 2002 European motorcycle odyssey, only to bypass it because I heard it was underwater at the time.  Tosh Skoda!


When I went there in January 2004 to visit Lenka, the place was blanketed in snow and looked incredible.  I've never seen anything quite like it ... especially when I was flying into Prague over snow covered fields and villages on New Years Eve.  I finally got my wish to have a white Xmas (well, nearly ... I was a few days short).


I didn't spend much time looking around Prague ... it was too frigging cold to spend all day outside gawking.  I also spent a lot my time sleeping as I was completely exhausted for about  month after returning from Mexico.  Still, I did get the opportunity to get outside Prague and see a castle, the world famous Bata shoe factory in Zlin (sorry no pictures) and a get a taste for Czech country life in Lenka's home town of Luchacovice.  I also got to taste Lenka's mother's Moose Goulash.  Delicious!


 Lonely Planet Czech Republic                 



Anyway ... enough talk ... it's time to r-r-r-r-rumble!  Here's the photos from it all.  Enjoy.


1. Lenka


2. New Years 2004 In Prague


3. Tabor




4. Konpiste Castle


5. Luhacovice


5. Luhacovice Again


6. Moose Goulash

7. One Day In Prague


8. Czech Slang 101


Random Shots