Party In Düsseldorf

January 2004


I went to Düsseldorf with Dan to go to a party of some German girls I met whilst in Carmen Del Playa, Mexico. I think it was Monika's birthday but I cannot quite remember now.  I think I spent most of the time sleeping, drinking and chain smoking cigarettes despite my best efforts to stop.


Party In Dusseldorf

Monika about to take her top off.  No. Not really, I made that up. 


Just wishful thinking on my part. 


Hannah and Monika


Me laying the charm on Hanna.


And it works...


Maybe not...


Dan chilling out on the couch.


That famous German hospitality...


"Turn the camera off so I can spit out the disgusting thing I just put in my mouth!"


Monika: "Please please play Village People for me"

DJ: "No ... "


Monika: "This bitch DJ won't play my song!"

DJ: "That's no shame!"


Monika: "That's okay, I still love you."


German hospitality again.


Polish hospitality. Batzo Dobshe!


Hannah screaming at the camera.


Hannah "Give me a bite".

Monika "No! It's mine"


Architectural Delights Of Düsseldorf

There's not a huge amount I can say about Düsseldorf as I spent most of my time either drunk, stoned or sleeping ... actually ... mostly sleeping.  I pretty much slept the whole time I was there much to Monika's amazement.  A big case of the getting over all the exhaustion of Mexico and travel.


The first thing that struck me as I arrived into the outskirts is how lit up the city was in terms of coloured lights highlighting all sorts of factories and office block.  It was like arriving into some huge nightclub.  Weird.


But, we did spend an afternoon wandering near the lake and saw this magnificent Gaudesque building.  An absolutely incredible piece of modern architecture ... one of the best I've seen in the two years I was travelling.


Shot of the year!


Same building again.


Another building with weird windows.


Brick building with more weird windows.


Dusseldorf's Arch De Triomphe ... or something.