Colonel Big Tash And The High Priest of Sleaze

 7 February 2004


Tamy and the Ruth meister held a little party at their place with the theme being uniforms.  Dan went as a priest and I as a Saddam Hussein look-a-like - Colonel 'Big Tash' of the 'Wacky Army'. 


The High Priest Of Sleaze

The High Priest Of Sleaze.  Monsignor Danny.  Would you confess your sins to this man?


Double Trouble - Colonel Big Tash and The High Priest Of Sleaze

Colonel Big Tash and The High Priest Of Sleaze.  I mess 'em, he bless s'em.


Speaking of the plastic AK47 in my right hand, I had to hide this later in a plastic bag.  Apparently, if you are carrying one in public, the police can legally shoot you without asking politely first.  Daniel, being the true mate he was, only told me this after walking around the streets of London for about half an hour.


We also spent a lot of time on the train.  Mainly because we kept missing the stop to Tamy's house on the way west and catching express trains and missing the top on the way back.


Random Village People

Hey! It's the construction worker from the Village People!  He's kind of gained a bit of weight.  No more 'I love you to death'.  More like 'I smother or crush you to death'.


Watching the detectives. Don't get cute.


People.  No idea what uniforms they are meant to be wearing.


The Hunt For Weapons Of Mass Destruction Goes On ...

Col. Big Tash: "Hi there ... you have nice weapons of mass distraction.  Would you like to hold my gun and wear one of my g-strings?"


It's weird how much I look like my father from this angle.


Random Girl: "What a nice gun you have ... now show me your weapon of mass destruction"


Col. Big Tash: "Oh no! My weapon of mass destruction has gone missing!"


"I've no idea where the weapon of mass destruction is hiding ... maybe he was destroyed pre inspections ... or maybe it's just really cold outside and the weapons stockpile has shrunk a bit.  I did use it quite a bit over the new year."


"Sigh! He's not going near my weapons of pleasurable distraction.  Not without showing me his weapon of mass destruction first."


War Is Hell

"Man! War is hell!  The weapons of mass destruction have gone missing and so has the girl.  I've also lost my moustache.  Life sucks and all I have is a plastic toy gun to end it all with."


Girl In A Post Goth Phase

Dan, High Priest Of Sleaze: "This goth look is all me ... I'm picking up some real fine post-goth chicks."


Post Goth Chick - a girl who used to be a goth but eventually had to get real, stop visiting Electric Ballroom and Underground in Camden, catch some sunlight and get a job.