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Last Updated: Sunday 31 July 2004 From London


Howdy sports fans


It's been a while since a lot of people have heard from me.  I've submerged myself back into the rat race after years of travelling, having fun and watching the level of my bank account approach zero and below.


I now have a paid job, a regular place to lay my head every night and a brand new motorcycle to replace the Old Bitch. 


Despite the work thing, I have managed to get do a bit of travelling and go to a few parties in other countries.  Quite frankly, I thought I was sick of travelling but going back to work has made me think again.


I'm going on holiday tomorrow on the motorcycle for two weeks of riding fast through spectacular Norwegian scenery. I can't wait.  See you when I get back.




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  • Brazil, Argentina and Patagonia

  • South East Asia

  • Krakow Weekend

  • Motorcycling In Eastern Europe

  • Motorcycling In Spain

  • Northern Chile Short Trip

  • Motorcycling Through WW1 Battlefields On The Red Bitch


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