The Old Bitch Reborn

March 2005


As some of you are aware, in 2000, I bought an extremely old high mileage BMW R80RT and promptly called it the 'Old Bitch'.  I can honestly say it was one of the worst two wheeled buys of my life.  It didn't go well, it didn't stop well, and much to my great regret, no one stole it either.  On the other hand, I spent five months of my life on it and after so many miles, crashes, breakdowns and 1200 worth of parking tickets, I reluctantly sold it to a friend of a friend for a second hand VB stubby holder.


Anyway, Stubby Holder man has resurrected the Old Bitch into something 'muy especial'.


What The Old Bitch Used To Look Like

The Old Bitch, Aussie Motorcycle Girl and me in Lithuania.


The Old Bitch by the side of the road on the way to Bucharest, Romania.  One of the most brilliant days of riding I've ever had.


How It Handled

Handling was not the BMW R80RT's forte.  But it could take take a lot of damage.  I crashed it four times (including twice in four hours due to a broken brake calliper spring) and it was pushed over several times  - once by drunks in Poland and another time by council flat kids trying to fit their scooter into the motorcycle parking bay.


What I Sold It For


That ubiquitous VB Stubby Holder. 


What It Looks Like Now

Stubby Holder man transformed the Old Bitch by ditching the fairing, picking up cheap parts from the wreckers for next to nothing and respraying it grey.


 Man, I can't believe it has racing stripes.  A contradiction in terms if I ever saw one.  

 I can't wait to have a ride on it again.