Gerald Laing Exhibition

... and a bit of Brick Lane

September 2007


Chrissy and I often like to spend our weekend walking around London and checking out various art exhibitions.  This was one of those weekends.


Gerald Laing Exhibition

Gerald Laing was a famous british artist involved in the British Pop Art movement in the 1960s. 


Here is his website


Most of the paintings below are from his Iraq Paintings 2004 - 2005 series.


Colgate Girl


Only One Of Them Uses Colgate


Common Decency


American Gothic


They make a desert and call it democracy






The New American Tourist


Repetition 2005


Chrissy and The New American Tourist


Truth or Consequences.  This painting is amazing as it is actually two images depending on your perspective.


E.g. Tavistock Square bus bombing and Tony Blair morphs into the bombing of Baghdad and George Bush.



Look Mickey




Homage to Joseph Albers


The Silent People Shall Weigh Your Gods And You


US on Top 2004


Apres Midi d'un Faune




Door in the exhibition space.


Capriccio 2005


The Great War Leader (Homage to Jean Paul Goude)




Chrissy's eye using digital zoom


Brick Lane

I love this graffiti.




Poster inside a shop of the old Brewery complex in Brick Lane


I do not want my taxes to pay for the new world odor.


Infernal rraffic. 






Banksy print for sale inside a shop.  40 not 40k.








Phone cards and micro packets of tea, cleaners, etc.