September 2007


Tamy and I hopped off the train on the way to Coney Island to check out Brooklyn.  Most of the time was just spent walking up and down streets checking out how the locals lived and the stoop sales (kind of like a garage sale that you have when you don't have any garage and just have steps out the front of your building). 



Not sure what to say about Brooklyn.  It's a famous suburb of NY and been home to lots of famous Hollywood stars and .... mmmm ... not sure what else.  Here's a few photos of things that caught my mobile phone camera's eye.


An advertisement about music or something in the train station.  Loved the pouty Englishmen.  I had never really thought of English guys as pouty.  A bit gay looking perhaps maybe.


The local Italian restaurant across the road holds a sport cars day where friends of the owner display their Ferraris.




Saw an advertisement for this magazine in a newsagent.  Hilarious name and theme for a magazine. 


Lovely tree filled suburban streets


WW1 war memorial outside a service club or church.  US soldiers used to wear the 'Tommy' style hat to war.


Knick knacks at a market.  The doll looks like a girl from one of those little kids beauty pageants that Americans seem to be fond of.  Or maybe it's the other way around.


Someone else's memories .... 50 cents. 


It took me a while to get my head around buying someone else's family photos and memories.  I guess you could buy them, paste them onto a canvas, paint garish yellows and reds over them and call it some kind of American gothic.






Someone else's 'wish you were here' post cards.


Scary clown doll.


Subway train.  With the American flag on the side, it reminds me of the space shuttle for some strange reason. 


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