December Trip

December 2007


In December, I was back in New York officially for business and took a couple of the photos a few nights out. 


One of those nights out was particularly bad.  One of the guys had to take me back to my hotel in Jersey in a taxi from Manhattan and then head off deep into Jersey himself after we spent an evening drinking double and triple Jack Daniels. 


From The Office Window

I was looking out the window during break and I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Three camels walking down the Avenue of The Americas!  Insane!



Don't know why I took this photo of a napkin dispenser in a toilet.  One day it will come to me.


M&Ms sign near Broadway.  Very cool.




Not a great photo but did remind me of the city scenes from the movie Bladerunner.




Great stage show poster.


Ganesha statue for sale from the Met Shop.  One day, I'll have an elephant man in my flat in Elephant & Castle.


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