September 2007


Took a few photos in Harlem.  Wasn't much that really caught my eye but we got to see a gospel church service, a black pride street parade and a whole lot of brownstone homes that the area is famous for.


Around Town

Malcolm X Boulevard


Some famous local guy.  The statue looks like a cross between a soviet era statue and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.


Old Fallout Shelter


Buildings with fire escapes out the front


Local church.  Antioch was an ancient city in modern day Turkey and one of the four major cities of early Christianity - along with Jerusalem, Alexandria and Rome.  The converts in Antioch were the first to call themselves Christians. 


Antioch was also famous for a massive siege during the Crusades.


Old mews?  Love this shot.  Completely unexpected.





Tamy pouting


Steps are amazingly detailed






As are some of the archways on the ground floor flats.


Tamy on another set of steps




Call box for fire brigade and police


Black Pride/Community Street Parade

Nice welcome to America street sign.


Little boy in his Cadillac Escalade with Sponge Bob Square Pants. 


State troopers




Now that's what I call a police car.




Police or Correction Department


NYPD van close up


Some high school


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