Out And About

(Or .... I have no idea where I was when these photos were taken)

September 2007


On the Subway








In the Street

Sick cat in a pet shop.  Love pet shops.  I never passed one without dropping in to look at the dogs (mostly mini pooches), cats, rats, lizards, snakes and birds that New Yorkers buy as pets. 


Canine Styles. Est. 1959.  A clothes shop for dogs.  Only in America


Metropolitan Museum of Art





Modern something


Mexican or Central American sculpture of a dog.  Chihuahua?


Possibly a Picasso as well.


Ball Player




Pharaoh of some sort.








La Esquina

Went to this place twice for breakfast and once for a very drunken dinner with a bill of $80 for food and $300 for beers and tequila. 


The place at night .... although I ate at their cafe right around the corner


New Jersey

Manhattan from the New Jersey side where work is


Katyn Memorial as you walk out of the Path Station in New Jersey.  I was surprised to see the memorial where it was but I guess it's a reflection on the number of Polish people who came to the US and New York in particularly. 


Here's some more details on the Katyn Forrest Massacre in 1940 of Polish politicians, military officers and the intelligentsia by the Soviet Army on the orders of Stalin himself.


Police vehicle outside the Path Station. 


With lots of guns


Out and About

Love this sign.  If this doesn't get you in, I don't know what will. Tamy and I went in.


Tamy poking her tongue out.  Cool bar.  Can't remember where it was.




Kate and I at a bar across the road from Dangerfields where we went after the show with some other Aussies, a coast guard and his girlfriend and the compere of the show.  Katie got his number. 


Some guys we hung out with after leaving La Esquina and a heap of tequilas. Apparently, they were in the music business.


The night ended with one of Tamy's friends someone being taken to hospital for a deeply cut hand.  Otherwise known as the 'Night of the Rubber Chicken' after the yellow rubber glove that I put the girl's bandaged (with toilet paper) hand in to stop the blood leaking everywhere.  It was a very deep cut.


Sleeping rough.


I'm going 'nowhere' tonight.




Subway entrance light.


Borders Books I Thought Might Be Interesting





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