Soho and Greenwich

September 2007


Another fine Saturday wandering around the Soho and Greenwich checking out the galleries, street art and fine buildings.


Soho (I think)

While wandering past people setting up for a street festival, I saw this baby "Drown The Clown".  That's right up there with the "Shoot The Freak" attraction I saw at Coney Island.


Little Chinese Laundromat and more buildings with fire escapes out the front.


And the same again viewed from a slightly different angle.


Interesting street art


Same artist ... bring the troops home.




Old Puch motorcycle


Big blocks


Marilyn and crayons.  Hard to believe this is a painting and not just some colouring book on a desk. 


I really loved these paintings so took heaps of photos of them.




Note the Malboro pack of crayons and the cigarette style of the crayons.  Very cool.




Jackson Pollock


Oil of a bubble gum machine


Oil of oils.


Amazing facade of a building in Soho.  Reminds me of the Roman buildings in Ephesus, Turkey


Map of the New York Subway on the pavement


Metal sculptures of workers having lunch on a girder while building a skyscraper


The original




Funky Truck




Warning Sign


Photo in an art gallery


Street art for sale.  Here's the artists website






Street blur.  Sometimes, I like blurred shots.  No idea why.


Photos in a clothes shop window. 


The Savile Row W1 picture caught my eye. 




Art by a famous Playboy or Penthouse cartoonist


Woman on the tiles


Heyyyyyy..... Nicole


Pink apartments


Buddha image or something.


Greenwich (I think)

Prime Ministers residence?  I think not.


Only. Light.


One of my favourites ..... On this site in 1897 nothing happened.


Shop window.


A pristine 2CV a long way from home.


Hidden houses.  Very green, peaceful and quiet.  Probably cost a bomb too.


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