Cans Festival

London, England.

July 2008


The Cans Festival takes place in Leake Street, near Waterloo Station and features a whole tunnel of graffiti art including some by Banksy.


Cans Festival

Sorry.  We're Fucked.
















Pink Cheetahs














Xray love.








Not Holly Golightly's best day!


Die Mickey die!!


Thank god for Sky.  Amen.  Love the Documentary Channels.




Modern life is still rubbish


Madonna and Britney.






Union Square Station.  Has a space age feel to it.




Great picture of Buddha.


This is my boom stick.


"The things that matter are just things that are not acknowledged by most."










Clown shooting clown girl












Carol Voderman




Old Serb Club


Bananas with psychological problem.




Cleaning off cave paintings.  Brilliant.








John and Yoko




Banksy art.




Worship false idols.  God is dead/  Heaven is dull.


Big bear.






This is a photo opportunity.


Worship Me


Love like a bomb.




Boredom. Nowhere.


Great man boobs!


Reservoir Storm Troopers


What's for dinner?


Sorry. We're Fucked.


Jesus Made Me Do It.




Steak Wednesdays


Do not disturb.








Laugh now but one day I'll be on Ebay.






Love War


For the life of me, I cannot remember who this girl is.


Change Your Life.