Around Sharm

April 2008


Sharm El-Sheikh was pretty much a tourist town like Cancun in Mexico with hundreds of resorts and even more shops selling crap to tourists.


We did have high hopes for the old town and the market (visions of exotic souqs such as in Aleppo came to mind) but we were sadly disappointed.  The place was full of yet more shops for tourists.


Around Sharm

The pool near our room at the Tropicana Rosetta Hotel.  Quiet nice and the cheese burgers were good. 


We would have had a better opinion of the Rosetta Hotel if the shower had functioned properly.  The cold water kept cutting out every 5-7 seconds and you had to be quick to avoid being scalded.  Not good.


Love this towel that I saw in a dive shop. You use the log books they give you to record your dive and log how much 'bottom time' you have completed to date.


Lots of plates at this book shop.  Not many books.


The main drag in Sharm.  I often thought it was like Cancun or maybe a holiday version of Las Vegas.


Pink car outside the Hard Rock Cafe.  Never went in to it but did go to the Egyptian restaurant above.  The food was great going in. Going out was a little more unpleasant.


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