Second Set of Open Water Dives

April 2008


After our two shore dives, we did three open water dives from one of the Emperor boats to complete our course. 


One of them was a free dive so I was able to take my camera again and get lots of shots of the fish.


This website here was useful for identifying them afterwards. Mind you ... it probably hasn't been totally helpful as you can see from the captions below.


Second Set of Open Water Dives

Some kind of grouper(?) judging from the unhappy looking appearance.


A parrot fish




Fan coral


Little fishes swimming over coral




Maybe a parrot fish(?)




Big fish.








Triggerfish and an anthia




Pennant or Banner Fish.  Named after the big 'flag' hanging off the top of their head.




Chrissy underwater.


Roger.  Our very patient instructor.




Parrot fish.


No idea what these zebra looking fish are


Sexy neoprene clad bird fish




Forster Hawkfish.  They basically hang around on coral keeping watch, ready to strike.






Arabian Picasso Triggerfish.  They can vigorously protect their territory against intruders, including divers, especially when guarding their eggs during reproduction season.


Some jelly thing that floats around


Clown fish defending their young.  If you look closely, you can just see the baby in the lower left hand corner of the photo. I actually got a nip from one of the little buggers after getting too close to their nest.


Bugger off!






Big fish eating some jelly thingie right in front of me.


School of fish


Pennant fish


A lion fish






Chrissy floating around.




Roger letting out the Diver marker so the boat can come and pick us up after the drift dive.


Chrissy on the surface. And the boat was nowhere near us.


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