Third Set Of Open Water Dives

April 2008


After a day on the beach and carefully examining our itinerary again, we discovered we had an extra day in Sharm and could go diving yet again.


Unfortunately, Chrissy had a bunged up nose and couldn't dive.  I still managed to get three dives in and look at more reefs and more fish.


I actually saw a sea turtle but unfortunately, the camera was out of juice and I couldn't take a picture of it gliding through the water just metres away from us whilst it was chewing away at some floating jelly thing.  Sad thing was that I'd bought a spare battery just for the trip but hadn't thought to charge it up and bring it.  Duh!


Third Set Of Open Water Dives

Chrissy hanging out on the boat.  This is actually the only photo of either of us above water.


Puffer fish






A butterfly fish among the coral.






Finding nemo yet again. 










A Napoleon Rass


Fan coral








No idea what all these small fish are but lovely to look at.  Especially the shy electric blue ones.


Brilliant blue parrot fish.  Love this picture.  You can really see the parrot like mouth.


A hawk fish.


Lovely greenish parrot fish.




Nice big shell.


The one digging is a Forsskal's Goat fish.  No idea about his mate hanging above him.






An evil looking parrot fish.


A pair of two really large butterfly or angel fish. 




The deadly stone fish.








Fan coral.


No idea what this was but pretty all the same.


Puffer fish with another fish hanging off it.


Cornet fish


Stripped Butterfly fish feeding.


Little fish swimming around a coral tree.  Quite amazing to look at.



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